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Cebu Travel Diary: Our First Family Holiday

7 January 2018

Last September, for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary, we planned to go on a family trip–for the first time! Since we now have a baby on-board, planning and choosing the destination had been meticulous. First, we wanted a place that’s baby-friendly. Next, if it’s a beach, it has to be a resort that doesn’t require to take (a) boat transfer, and (b) long distance land travel. These and among other things! (Note: First time mom makes me an OC mom!!)

With all the options, we’re left with Bohol and Cebu which are the places we’ve already gone before. However, when Jay and I went to Cebu before, also on our anniversary, we were there for just a day and stayed only in Shangrila Mactan. We flew early morning at 6AM Manila to Cebu; then went back to Manila same day at 10PM. So we decided to pick Cebu so that we can go check it out again, but this time, finally explore it!

03-Sept | Day 1: Arrival and Check in at Mövenpick Hotel Mactan

We were welcomed by this prepared by the hotel for our anniversary! Thanks, Movenpick!

Beautiful view by the beach area~

A post shared by Lux (@luxdominique) on

A post shared by Lux (@luxdominique) on


04-Sept | Day 2: Cebu City Tour

On our second day, we rented a private car and driver to tour us around Cebu City. We were able to go to some of the landmarks in Mactan and Cebu, plus also get to eat to the places we requested. Here are the places we went to:

  • Mactan Shrine–a mandatory!
  • Alegre Guitar Shop 
  • Lantaw Restaurant apparently there were few branches of this restaurant in Cebu; we went to the one where we can see the Cebu skyline (PS: it’s cold up there!)
  • Sirao Garden this is a nice place for photos with all the plants & flowers in different colors (PS: expect to get muddy shoes after walking along the garden tho)
  • Birdseed Breakfast Cafe we went here for a coffee break before leaving the city; I tried their iced coffee and it’s good! 🙂
  • 10,000 Roses Cafe we went here night time where all the roses light up <3
  • Rico’s Lechon Restaurant a Cebu trip won’t be complete without their authentic lechon!

As much as I wanted to take photos, it was a bit inconvenient at the moment as our hands were full, but here are a few photos I took from my slr–

Day 2 was super tiring, but we’re glad we finally had the chance to explore the city. One warning though, once you cross the bridge from Mactan, traffic is really bad–most especially during rush hour time. It was a bit difficult to go to all the places we initially planned. I guess there should be a Cebu Part 3?

05-Sept | Day 3: Chill Day

On our last day, we decided to just relax inside the resort. Our flight is still at 9PM, and while it’s hard to move around with a lot of bags, not to mention a baby & a stroller, we decided to request for extension of our checkout instead of our plan of driving around once again. So, beach day it is!

Before sunset and before we check out, we grabbed some drinks at the Ibiza Club. Super chill. Aaaaah! We took advantage of the happy hour, while our little one drinks his milk and eats his munchies! Haha!

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That moment I realized, we did it!! We survived just the three of us in our trip! And it wasn’t that bad! It is hard of course, but it’s do-able! I actually met another couple who brought their 3-month old baby to their trip as well. The baby was with them while grabbing drinks, chilling at the pool side, and guess what? Also while at the gym! They just took turns on holding the baby and working out. It inspired me to be a more chill mom! Haha, seriously! For newbie parents like us, trips like this moment is truly memorable. <3

I’m so glad we made this trip happen! It wasn’t as easy as before when it was just the two of us, but I can definitely say this trip is a blessing! What a great way to celebrate our anniversary and Sweepea’s arrival in our lives! He’s actually the most enjoyed one in this trip! Family trip is definitely something you want to look back in the future. Hopefully, there’s more to come!


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