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27 August 2017

September 5, 2015, Our 10th Anniversary & Our Wedding.

It’s been almost two years!!! Finally had time to blog about our wedding, a long overdue promise to myself! ๐Ÿ™‚

First, I’d like to recall the overflowing support we received from families and friends. Planning for ‘The Big Day’ is no easy task. It can sometimes (or a lot of times?) be stressful, but of course, the excitement overpowers it all. I honestly miss it!!! Jay and I have been super hands-on but we couldn’t have done all of these without our families most especially, our supportive friends and our reliable suppliers. It was a great team effort!

We got engaged early January, and we’re planning to have our wedding day on our 10th Anniversary – which is nine (9) months away! Time passed by quickly. I think this time frame is just enough. However, even though you put so much time to it, there’s just soooo many things on your plate! The things to do never run out! But the key to it is just do things one at a time. Don’t get too overwhelmed and have an organized checklist.

As we were nearing the big day, I was told that on the day of the wedding, all I need to do is relax and let go whatever happens. Focus on the reason of this special day. And I did! True enough, it was a very beautiful wedding day filled with great moments of love, joy, tears and laughter together with the people very close to our hearts! Our dream wedding is all we ever wanted–beauty and simplicity, classic and chic, and everything that is all about us, JAY & LUX.

So now, let me talk about the details–the preparations/planning and stories behind with our suppliers ๐Ÿ™‚ Reading blogs has helped me a lot during my time, and it’s time to give back. Sharing with you our experience and some tips on how to plan for the big day.

I maintain an Excel file for our budget workbook with checklist and timeline sheets (lemme know if you want one); and a Powerpoint slide for our moodboard and pegs. As much as possible, I bring a tablet when I go meet suppliers so I can let them visualize what we have in mind, and not limited to descriptions. I also keep notes in my planner for whenever I’m at work, I can jot down ideas when something comes up. Then, we attend bridal fairs! This is actually a pretty good venue to book suppliers because they really have great deals to offer during the fairs. If it’s your first time though, I suggest to not get too excited. This place can become overwhelming. There’s just a lot of choices and the suppliers are sometimes pushy for you to sign up with them and pay deposit. Take time if you must. After all, you are entering a contract and bound by it once you sign and pay the deposit. Oh btw, when you are on a budget, this is also where you can try to negotiate. So anyway, keep yourself updated for bridal fairs schedules. Usually the big ones are held in Megatrade Hall in Megamall and SMX in MOA. But there are also good ones held in SMX in SM Aura and in Rockwell Tent.

St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori Parish Church in Magallanes – September 5, 2015. This is the detail that’s non-negotiable to us. We really wanted to get married in the church where our relationship started, where we officially became together as boyfriend/girlfriend, exactly 10 years ago.

We are lucky we were able to get a taste of Passion Cooks from attending a wedding of a friend months back. It was remarkable cos Jay find their pasta (both the red & white sauce) super good!! I also loved their food in general, but the one thing I won’t forget was their set-up! It was my first time to see a wedding reception like it, thanks to Via & Dennis for inviting us on their wedding! :)) Maja, the owner of Passion Cooks, is super down-to-earth, accommodating, and will exceed your expectations!ย Received good feedback as well from our guests, most especially their beef salpicao. [Backstory: we added beef salpicao last minute and didn’t get the chance to food-taste it, but it was surprisingly the most raved food from the guests.]


I also created a website over at The Knotย where I can put in one place all the details of our wedding (dress code, address of our venues, etc). It also has a function where guests can RSVP online! It’s really helpful given that almost all of us can be reached online.

There’s just so many invitation design ideas but I knew I can make it pretty without having to spend so much. At that time, it was the peak of calligraphy — everyone was into personalized invitation. I also wanted one for us, so I got in touch with this popular supplier, but then, I was told they will only take care of the design but not the printing. Adding these costs together will certainly go beyond our budget. So I decided to use my love for art and go with a supplier that can cater package design + printing. We got Wink! I mixed and matched fonts & designs available in their templates, paper colors options, and put them together. The result? We liked it!! Calligraphy digital font is not bad at all! ๐Ÿ™‚ Another task included in this detail that I missed, is putting the names of the guests in the envelope. The funny thing we did here was I thought we can easily pull off writing the names beautifully (my bestfriend Yukari helped me with this), but we realized, our efforts are in no match if I just added the budget of having them printed too! Lol. I was running out of time when I got in touch with a calligraphy hobbyist, and asked him to write some guest names left, in exchange of treating him for coffee & cake. Yay, thanks Lenard! You’re the best!!!

I was dreading and excited for this at the same time. It’s all because I don’t know if I can pull off a dramatic posing kind of shoot. So we chose to do fun and casual instead. The best theme in mind is something chill and relax. Instead of going to out of towns, we decided to book an apartment unit in the city and shoot a homey vibe theme. I booked this place via Airbnb and wow, the place is indeed photoshoot worthy! We also did a little bit of street photography and shoot at their pool area. We had an awesome time with the makeup artist and the photographers who we just met for the first time! Shoutout to Chris Carreon for assisting us with the styling during the shoot ๐Ÿ˜‰

I was only looking for someone with two factors considered: (1) does good job with morena-skinned (which you can find by looking into their Instagram for their sample works), and (2) can put nice eyebrows (cos #kilayislife). And I found…. Ish Sison! ๐Ÿ™‚ She is one of my suppliers where I got multiple referrals post wedding! She did a fantastic job!!! Highly recommended! Not to mention a very nice and beautiful person too ๐Ÿ™‚

My sister planned a bridal shower few days before my birthday and I wanted to give shoutout to her for all the efforts she did for this! She knew I wanted Palace Pool Club, so she made sure I got it on top of the actual plan she had for me, which is a party of intimate games and booze with my girlfriends. I had too many drinks huhu. So bride-to-be’s, beware! :)) Anyway, thank you girls for coming to celebrate with me on a stormy night, your well-wishes, and the gifts you gave me! Thanks to my friends who weren’t there but took time to write notes for me!!

I’ve always imagined myself in a simple and elegant gown, highlighting my silhouette. Then I also wanted to go for Ready To Wear (RTW) bridal gown ๐Ÿ™‚ I tried the following shops: Rosa Clara, White Label, and Ivory & White. I found ‘THE’ gown at White Label <3 Gail, one of the owners of the shop, is really friendly and accommodating. My gown was technically not off the rack, as the one in the shop is already reserved. They had to order the same design again and have it shipped from Hong Kong which already includes my measurements. So when it came here three months later, we only have to adjust on some areas. I had the mermaid cut adjusted as I wanted it to look flowy and not too tight. Then I also had the back adjusted, added some allowance to make sure I’m very comfortable and not having to take short breaths because it’s tight (hehe). Oh, to make this work, I also ensured I lose some weight. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We got Thea Ocana of My Big Events for On The Day Coordination. We really liked her team for being professional! As for her hosting, it was a good deal as it was part of the package and she did it lively and flawlessly.

This is a feebie we got from Passion Cooks during the bridal fair we attended. Taking this offer was one of the best decisions we had because it was soooo good!!! Plus it’s 100% real cake! Not like the usual ones, wherein only a part is real cake and the rest is made of styro.

Super love this idea we got from Pinteres–Jenga blocks for our guestbook!
Our souvenirs are succulents c/o my Tito. He made all these giveaways for the guests! Thank you!!!

MuzikQlass — hands down, definitely our best choice. Super happy we booked them! And to think we just found them in Youtube as we didn’t see them in the bridal fairs we attended. From the singing in the church, most especially my bridal walk, I can never forget….. Aaaaaah!!! They’re super good to the point that during reception, all eyes were on them while we were eating. I do believe their performance was worth more than what we paid for. Great talent!!! I wish the whole thing was recorded so we can replay their music! That’s how much Jay and I loved them. Thank you Jason & Thynne!

Anyway, this is getting pretty long and I know there’s just so much to share but if in case I missed something you’d like to know, comment below.

Here is the full list of our suppliers:
Photo & Video: Nice Print Photography
Ceremony Venue: St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori Parish Church
Reception Venue: Blue Leaf Events Pavilion McKinley
Preps Location: Ascott BGC
Catering: Passion Cooks
Bridal Gown: White Label Bridal
Groomโ€™s Suit: Mister K
Entourage Gowns: Undernourished Manila (by Mary Rose)
Entourage Suits: Lainy’s Tailor Shop
Bridal Hair & Make-up: Ish Sison
Coordination: Thea Ocana of My Big Events
Host: Thea Ocana
Church Florist: The Flower Boutique
Bridal, Entourage, Bridal Car Bouquet: Dangwa Florist
Cake: Passion Cooks
Ceremony & Reception Band: Muzik Qlass
Prenup Flower Crowns:ย The Bee’s Knees Etc
Invitation: Wink
Party DJs: Ipe Surla & Jults Molina

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