Our Wedding: #JayLuxEverafter

Our Wedding: #JayLuxEverafter

September 5, 2015, Our 10th Anniversary & Our Wedding. It’s been almost two years!!! Finally had time to blog about our wedding, a long overdue promise to myself! 🙂 First, I’d like to recall the overflowing support we received from families and friends. Planning for ‘The Big Day’ is no easy task. It can sometimes … Read More

New Beginnings

Finally I’m here in WordPress! Going back to something I’ve loved doing~ writing/blogging. After all the site hopping and inspiration I get from different bloggers, I hope I’m taking this step on blogging consistently. Excited that I have now moved in this better platform, so let’s see how it goes! Oh btw, it’s still the … Read More

Everything Seems Like a City of Dreams

When I was invited by Don Michael to do a shoot for Happyfingers Photography, how could I say no? Aside from being a fan of his style in photography, it was really flattering for me to be shot alongside popular bloggers like Shai Lagarde and Lissa Kahayon. As a first-timer to do a whole set … Read More